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Email that's fast, reliable and secure - by Aristotle provides you with premier Web Mail services and industry-leading spam and virus protection for only $21.00 a year.

For All Your Email Needs

At only $21.00 a year, an ArisMail account offers an ideal solution for all your email needs.

As Your Primary Email Account
ArisMail makes an ideal primary email account for you and your family members. Enjoy corporate level email protection with the Aristotle Spam Defense Network. Use the Aristotle Web Mail interface or 'POP' your email into another email program.
For World-wide Travel
The perfect solution for staying connected when traveling around the globe on business, vacation or study abroad - your secure ArisMail is accessible via Internet connections worldwide.
As Reliable Back-up Email
At only $21.00 a year, an ArisMail account provides the affordable and reliable back-up email solution. You'll never be out-of-touch with


Sign up for ArisMail and enjoy all the advantages of Aristotle's premier Web Mail service and award-winning customer support. ArisMail account features include

  • World Wide Access
  • 'POP3' Accessible Email
  • 99.9+% Spam Free Email
  • Auto-update Virus Shield
  • Advanced Web Mail Interface
  • 5 Language Display
  • Multi-lingual Character Sets
  • Viewable Spam Quarantine
  • Free Technical Support from Aristotle's corporate USA offices
  • Payment by credit card, check or money order

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To sign up, call 1-800-814-2747 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST.

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